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FIFA 2017 Release Date, Price, System Requirements, New Fifa

Release Date for New

FIFA 2017 Release Date

Release Date of Fifa 17

Football simulation game; When will release date of Fifa 17, FIFA 2017 Release Date

FIFA 2016 has just been released a few months back and rumors are already there that FIFA 2017 would be releasing soon. When would EA sports launch the 2017 version of FIFA? Stay slated for more updates on the players and the release dates of FIFA 2017. 

The date of FIFA 2017 release Seeing the release calendar of EA sports, it is presumed that the FIFA 2017 Release Date  would be somewhere around the 22nd to September 25th in 2016.There would be new and improvised features along with a chance of improvement for players as well. After Konami entertainment would release the PES version of 2017, FIFA would launch their 2017 version. The FIFA 2017 release date would be pretty similar to the previous edition. The new version would have better animation, a balanced gameplay and smooth passing as well.The FIFA 2017 release dates are as follows. ·

  • FIFA 2017 PS4 Release Date   22-25 September, 2016
  • FIFA 17 Xbox 360 Release Date: 5-10 October, 2016
  • FIFA 2017 Xbox One Release Date: 1-5 October, 2016
  • FIFA 17 Game PC Release Date: 10-15 October, 2016

Know more information about the FIFA 

The stakes for FIFA 2017 would be higher this year considering the huge amount of fans.As of now, there is no price, but the official price would be announced soon. The prices would approximately be somewhere around $69 and $79 for FIFA basic and FIFA deluxe. The FIFA 17 can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4,Xbox One, Android as well as  iOS. The recommended specifications are CPU: Intel i5-2550K @ 3.4Ghz, 8 GB RAM, Supported Video Cards, 15.0 GB Hard disk space, Windows 7/8/8.1 -64-bit.The FIFA 2017 Release Date  would soon be confirmed by AE sports.

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